Home to numerous ancient temples and the Ramalingavilasam Palace, Ramanathapuram boasts a rich cultural heritage. The most popular attraction is the Mangalanatha Swamy Temple, which is said to be as old as 3,000 years. Built in the typical South Indian style of temple architecture, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was raised by the Pandya kings and houses a six-ft-high Nataraja idol that has been carved out of emerald. After seeking the blessings of the Lord at the temple, tourists can head to the opulent Ramalingavilasam Palace. Built during the reign of Kizhavan Sethupathi, a king of the Marava dynasty (1671-1710 AD), the palace is adorned with imposing murals that represent the lifestyle of the Sethupathi kings and scenes of their battles with the Marathas. Ramanathapuram is also known for the samadhi or the final resting place of the philosopher-saint Thayumana Swamigal.

Other Attractions in Rameswaram