Steeped in history, the town of Pudukkottai is scattered with many signs of prehistoric life. What would particularly mesmerise tourists are rock-cut monuments, tombs and temples in the area. The main attraction is the Jain cave temple that is adorned with beautiful frescos. Tourists can also head to the age-old Thirumayam Fort, from where they can get sweeping views of the surroundings. For a deeper insight into the region's history, visit the main museum that boasts exhibits of sculptures, paintings, artefacts and musical instruments.

Another attraction in Pudukkottai is Kudumiyanmalai Temple. Built during multiple generations of the Chola and Nayak dynasties, the temple is known for its 100-pillared hall and intricate inscriptions of musical notes on its walls. The rock-cut temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses numerous smaller shrines. A hillock near the temple features 63 Nayanars inscriptions.

Other Attractions in Rameswaram