A small but quiet beach, Balighai is a picturesque spot with fine sand lined with rows of casuarina trees. The unspoiled beach lies just 8 km away from Puri. This beach is located at the mouth of the Nuanai river, which flows gently into the Bay of Bengal. The sun soaked surroundings of the beach have something for everyone: from water skiing and parasailing to tranquil boat rides giving panoramic views of the green casuarina trees. Balighai Beach is also a nesting bed for Olive Ridley turtles, who lay their eggs in the sand between December and January. Moreover, a host of migratory birds take refuge here. The nearby Sea Turtle Research Centre offers an insight into local marine life, while the Balihirana Deer Sanctuary lets you watch the endangered Balihirana antelope and the Indian blackbuck. The beach is an ideal picnic spot, thanks to its thick casuarinas grooves, sand dunes and gentle sea breeze. 

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