A quaint village set in a scenic location, Shringverpur is situated roughly 40 km away from Prayagraj. It finds mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana as the capital of the royal kingdom of Nishadraj or the king of fishermen. According to legend, the village was named after Shrangi Rishi, a sage. It is also said to be the place from where Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana crossed River Ganges to go into exile after resting for the night. Local lore has it that the boatmen refused to ferry them. To resolve the situation Nishadraj himself arrived at the spot and made the necessary provisions on one condition  to be given a chance to wash Lord Rama's feet. The wish was granted. The site where the king was said to have done so has been named Ramchura and is marked by a platform. A serene location, surrounded by greenery and a gushing river  Shringverpur is slowly gaining popularity amongst tourists.

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