Of the several architectural marvels constructed under the commission of Mughal emperor Abkar, the Allahabad Fort is said to be the biggest. Standing tall by the banks of the River Yamuna, close to where it merges with the Ganges, this majestic fort was said to have been built in 1583 and boasts three magnificent galleries flanked by high towers.

According to an oral legend, it is believed that the emperor visited the site in the 16th century and was so taken with its location that he had the fort constructed there and named it Illahabas or abode of God. It was under the reign of Shah Jahan that the name was changed to Allahabad. Within the fort premises lies the Jodhabai Palace (a royal residence dedicated to  Jodhabai, the emperor's wife), a spectacular example of the coming together of the Hindu and the Islamic styles of architecture.

Other Attractions in Allahabad