The 10.5-m-high Ashoka Pillar is one of the three attractions inside the Prayagraj Fort (earlier known as Allahabad Fort) that visitors are allowed to see. That Prayagraj played an important role in Buddhism can be verified from the inscriptions that appear on this pillar that dates back to 232 BCE. The imposing structure is said to be made of polished sandstone and according to local lore, is believed to have been erected in the ancient city of Kaushambi (in Uttar Pradesh) and moved to Prayagraj later. Apart from Ashoka's inscriptions, the pillar also bears those of Samudragupta, a ruler of the Gupta empire (330-380 CE), and Mughal emperor Jehangir. Inscriptions that praise the Gupta ruler were said to have been made by Harisena, a renowned poet of the royal court. The fort is currently used by the Indian Army and although the pillar is accessible to tourists, it is necessary to acquire permission to visit it.

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