Situated at a height of about 8,530 ft, Tendong Hill is a very popular part of local folklore. The word 'tendong' means upraised horn, in Lepcha. It is believed that the land raised itself during a heavy flood to save the people. The locals pray to the hill and the place has been a meditation spot for Buddhist lamas. The hill can be reached only by trekking, which starts from Damthang. The 6-km trek passes through dense forests that are rich in flora and fauna. The forests house more than 90 species of birds, the Himalayan bear, red pandas, and leopards. The topmost point boasts a small monastery and a watchtower that enables visitors to get a 360-degree view of the Singalila range in the west, Chola range in the east, part of Gangtok town, Nathu La, Darjeeling and part of the plains of West Bengal. The months from March to June are an ideal time to visit the hill.

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