The word 'Tashiding' means devoted central glory and this monastery has been the centre of worship in Sikkim since the 1700s. Situated at a height of about 5,000 ft, it offers a picturesque view of a lush valley made by two rivers, and the more awe-inspiring sight of Mount Kanchenjunga standing tall. Another object of interest is a magic vase that is the main subject of the Bhuchu festival, which draws Buddhists from all over the globe to witness the yearly ritual in which the sealed vase is opened and its contents inspected.

The Nyingmapa Buddhists use the vase to predict prosperity for the coming year. A full vase indicates a fortuitous year whereas low water content denotes a famine. A dusty vase indicates a period of strife and clash. The festival commences at midnight during the full moon in the first month of the Tibetan calendar (February and March).

Other Attractions in Pelling