Padri Ki Haveli is the oldest church in Bihar and is an important landmark in Patna. It is also known as Visitation of the blessed Virgin Mary and Mansion of Padre. People from all faiths flock to this church for prayer regularly. During Christmas, the Padri Ki Haveli has a festive look and sees a stream of devotees coming in to offer prayers.

Padri Ki Haveli was built in 1713 by the Roman Catholics when they came to Bihar. It was re-designed to its present form in 1772 by a Venetian architect called Tirreto who came from Calcutta (now Kolkata) especially for this purpose. Also known as St Mary’s Church, its foundation stone measures 70 ft in length, 40 ft in width and 50 ft in height. It has witnessed many battles like the one between British traders and Nawab Mir Qasim (the ruler of Bengal) and the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. The most fascinating part of this institution’s history is that Mother Teresa received her formal training as a nurse here, in the year 1948.

The room where she stayed has been marked and contains several of her belongings including a cot, a table and more. There is a notice board proclaiming: “Mother Teresa, who started her mission of love after undertaking training at Padri Ki Haveli, stayed in this room, 1948." The church bell is an awe-inspiring part of this structure’s architecture and can be seen from a distance. It is considered an architectural wonder and has much intricate detailing and inscriptions.

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