About 30 km from Patna lies the small town of Maner, an ancient seat of learning. Among other monuments at Maner stand two important Mohammedan tombs. The first one is that of Makhdoom Yahia or Sheikh Yahia Maneri, known as the Bari Dargah and the other is that of Shah Daulat or Makhdum Daulat, and is called Chhoti Dargah. Ibrahim Khan, the then governor of Bihar, was a disciple of Makhdum Daulat and so, he constructed the monument in 1616 after the death of his spiritual leader in 1608.

A gorgeous dome, a ceiling covered with inscriptions from the Quran, an ancient mosque built by Ibrahim Khan back in 1619, and other characteristically Jehangir-era architectural styles can be seen at this mausoleum. The carvings on the walls are exceptionally intricate and beautifully finished. In fact, it is considered to be the finest Mughal monument in Eastern India. It is said that the red and yellow stones used in the construction were brought all the way from Chunar district in Uttar Pradesh. The tomb of Yahiya Maneri lies in a mosque and is connected to the old bed of River Sone through a 400-ft-long tunnel. These tombs are well-known pilgrimage destinations where devotees come to offer a 'chadar' as a mark of their devotion. It is said that the waters of the river are as sweet as sugar and are used to make delicious ghee ladoos. One will also find a Buddhist temple and a Jain temple in Maner.

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