Patan used to be a very important site for Jains during the Solanki rule (950-1300 CE), who built several beautiful temples in the area. The largest group of temples, comprising over 100 structures, is the  Panchasara Parshvanath Jain Derasar, which is distinguished by its typical architecture of white marble floors and fine stone carvings. Among them, the Kapur Mahetano Pado is the most popular, known for its beautiful wooden interiors. 

Legend has it that an interesting observation by the temples' master builder, Uda Mehta, changed the way Jain temples of Patan were built. One night, Mehta saw a mouse carrying a burning candle, which made him realise that even a minor mishap could lead to a major fire and burn down the entire temple. From then on, Jain temples were never the same again. Stone was chosen as the preferred material for  construction and splendid structures were erected that leave one spellbound with their intricately-carved patterns.

Other Attractions In Patan