The grand temple of Ambaji is the principal shrine of Goddess Amba, who is said to be an avatar of Goddess Durga. It is among the 51 shaktipeethas (devotional shrines where the severed body parts of Goddess Shakti fell) of Hindus. Made in white marble, the temple is a beautiful structure built by the Nagar Brahmins. An open square, called chachar chowk, surrounds the temple and it is the site of havans (ceremonial prayers). The sanctum sanctorum is a niche in the wall, called gokh, and has an inscription of Viso Yantra – a Vedic text about sacred geometry. Grand silver-plated doors welcome devotees into the inner sanctum. The temple has no idols and the priests decorate the inscription to resemble the idol of a goddess from afar. A visit to the temple makes for a nice short ride from Rajasthan's famous hill station, Mount Abu.

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