Nestled in a verdant valley guarded by five hills, and hot springs with medicinal properties, Rajgir is a scenic town located in the modern-day Nalanda district of Bihar. A complex of temples and monasteries, this hill town was once the capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad (state) when Patliputra was not formed. It was called Rajgrih then, meaning home of royalty. This naturally fortified destination is one of the most ancient sites of learning in India and finds a mention in Mahabharata too. Legends say that it was here Lord Buddha set in motion his second wheel of law and spent several seasons meditating and preaching.

During the time of Lord Buddha, Rajgir was renowned as place for congregation of spiritual leaders and scholars. So when prince Siddhartha renounced his royal life to become an ascetic, he too came to Rajgir. It is said that here he met king Bimbisara, who was so impressed by the young man that he offered him half his kingdom. But Siddhartha left the city, promising the king to return after he had found the answers to his questions.

The Jivekarmavan Monastery is considered the favourite residence of Lord Buddha. Rajgir was also the venue of the first Buddhist Council.

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