A quaint hamlet scattered with the ruins of one of the greatest education institutes in history, the Nalanda University, 11 monasteries and six brick temples, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nalanda, in Bihar, is steeped in history. Echoing with the grandeur and glory of its ancient past, when it served as a prominent Buddhist centre, here one can trace the footsteps of Lord Buddha.

A silent witness to the rich history unfolding in the region, Nalanda acts as a memorial of the past, speckled with the legacy of the Mauryan and the Gupta dynasties.It is said that Nalanda University was so renowned that students and travellers from around the world arrived to study here. Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang, who first visited Nalanda in the 7th century, in his writings, mentions that the city was named after a serpent. It is said that Sariputra, an ardent follower of Lord Buddha, was also born here.

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