Blessed with verdant hills, pristine lakes and ancient temples, Ramtek is a tourist's delight. The most popular attraction here is the 600 year old Rama Temple, famously known as Rama Dham. Perched atop the Ramgiri Hill, the grand temple holds immense historical significance. Many believe that it was here that the great poet Kalidasa penned his epic Meghdoot. Legend has it that Lord Rama once stayed here with his consort, Goddess Sita, and brother, Lord Lakshmana.

Tourists can also pay their respects at a Jain temple known as Shantinath Atishaya Kshetra. The temple draws visitors with its peaceful environment and beautifully carved sculptures. Tourists can also visit the tranquil Khindsi Lake nearby and enjoy a calming boat ride in its serene water, which makes for a truly rejuvenating experience. Ramtek is also famous for hosting the Kalidasa Festival every year in the month of November. The fifteen day-long festival witnesses amazing dance and drama performances and invites tourists from all corners of the country.

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