Bordered by verdant forests, the historic Ambagarh Fort is a prominent tourist stopover that is perched at a height of 300 ft above sea level. The fort holds appeal for trekkers, who can explore the nearby surroundings of the fort. While the structure is in ruins, its principal passages are well-preserved and tourists can make out the former grandeur of the 12th century fort. In close proximity lies a large tank right outside the fort complex, which is still used to supply water to the nearby villages.

Ambagarh Fort once served as a prison for slaves during the reign of Raja Raghuji Bhonsle (1788-1816), the then ruler of Nagpur. According to legend, the prisoners who were sent to the fort were forced to drink poisonous water from an inner well. The fort was later occupied by the British who vacated it only after India gained independence. Tourists can also visit the nearby Gaimukh, which houses a 9th century Shiva temple.

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