Lying in the periphery of the city, the ancient town of Nagardhan is best known for the majestic Nagardhan Fort. An imposing complex, this square shaped structure boasts an outer rampart with bastions and an inner wall. The main entrance gate of the fort is on its north-west side and still stands intact. A notable feature of the fort is the Pauni rampart that bears a copper plate grant of King Pravarsena II of the Vakataka dynasty, which indicates that the clay used in the construction of the fort dates back to a period much earlier than the medieval era. Tourists can also visit an underground temple in the fort that houses an idol of Goddess Durga, on what appears to be the sill of a well.

The fort was built by Gond ruler, Bakht Buland, in the early 18th century. It was later occupied by Raghuji Bhonsle I in 1740 AD, with an aim to guard Nagpur's eastern side.

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