Flaky, fluffy, crispy and soft is how best a Malabar parotta can be described. It is usually eaten with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian side dishes, and is a variant of the North Indian “lachha paratha”, or the Malaysian “roti cannai”. This unleavened flatbread is usually drenched in yummy curries like chicken Chettinad and other meaty stews to cut the spice of the dish, while adding an element of crispiness to it.

In Munnar, you will find plenty of stalls selling parotta with egg curry – the dish has become popular among locals and tourists alike as a quick street snack.

To prepare it, maida (flour) is kneaded with oil, ghee (clarified butter) and water, and even egg. The dough is then beaten into thin layers that are then coiled and rolled flat, and lightly fried.

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