Folk Dances and Songs of Mumbai

There is perhaps no better way to experience the magic of Maharashtra than by exploring its beautiful music and dance traditions. Gifted with a rich culture and heritage, Maharashtra has many different types of indigenous dance forms and these can all be seen in areas in and around Mumbai. The ethnic dances of this region can be either colourful folk dances performed in groups as entertainment during weddings and festivals or those that that tell popular folk and historical tales as well as the more spiritual and personalised dance experiences that celebrate life. Povada is a dance form that showcases the lifetime achievements of the celebrated Maratha ruler, Shivaji Maharaj. Lavani and koli dance forms entertain with their mesmerising music and rhythmic movements. The Dhangri gaja dance form by Dhangars of Sholapur pays respect to god. Dindi and kala are religious folk dances, which express the ecstasy of Lord Krishna. Maharashtra has also had great saint poets, like Jnandev, Namdev, Tukaram, Jani and Soyara, who through their folk songs have taught importance of worship and urged everyone to merge into oneness with God.

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