A great historical monument, true to its name, the Gateway of India is often the starting point for tourists who visit Mumbai. An integral visual seen in most skyline photographs of Mumbai, this monument is visited by millions of people across the world. As the oft-repeated saying goes 'When in Mumbai, do what the films actors do' and in the same vein, many tourists can be seen clicking photos of each other while running in exaggerated styles through the mass of pigeons that are often pecking on seeds in the courtyard of this heritage structure. This structure was built as a triumphal arch to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay and is today synonymous with the imagery associated with Mumbai. The archway is 26 m high and joined with four turrets, with intricate lattice work carved on stones. The arch alone was built at the cost of INR 21 lakh. It is built in Indo-Saracenic style, though some influence of Gujarati style is also evident in its architecture. In the past, Gateway of India used to be the arrival point for visitors from the west. Ironically, when the British raj ended in 1947, this colonial symbol also became a sort of epitaph: the last of the British ships that set sail for England left from the Gateway. This majestic landmark of Mumbai faces the vast Arabian Sea and is a must-visit at night, all lit up in its pristine glory against the backdrop of the sea. For those who have a few hours to spare, there are private yachts that can be booked at the Gateway of India to sail away with the setting sun casting the perfect golden glow over the glittering Mumbai skyline. 

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