Most tours of Mathura, guided or otherwise, include a shopping spree at one of the many bazaars sitting close to the innumerable temples here, or markets in Bengali Ghat, Chatta Bazaar and Chowk. You can pick up rosary beads, brass statues and utensils for reasonable prices. The place is also known for dresses for idols of Lord Krishna. One can also purchase idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Do not forget to carry home some handicrafts and a range of trinkets, including miniatures of Astadhatu, or the busts of Hindu deities. Other than these, you can also purchase the yummy peda that Mathura is so famous for. Boxes of the sweetmeat can be bought at any of the several shops in town. The pedas of Mathura are a delicacy, and make for excellent gifts for friends and family, especially during festivals like Holi and Janmashtami.

Other Attractions in Mathura - Vrindavan