One of the famous temples built by the king of Jaipur, Man Singh, in 1590, the Govind Dev Temple is a fine architectural specimen constructed in red sandstone. Completed in almost five years, the structure boasts a sanctum sanctorum made of marble and decorated with gold and silver. The central tower, vaults, arches and a domed ceiling all culminate to add European touches to the architecture. The Radharani idol found at Govind Dev Temple is believed to be the first one installed anywhere in Mathura. Legend has it that Sri Rupa Goswami, a devotional poet and teacher was the one who dreamt up the creation of the temple. It is said that he was resting and chanting mantras in reverence to Lord Krishna under a tree when a cowherd told him of a cow that walks up a hill every day and pours milk down a hole. Curious, one day he followed the cow to the spot mentioned by the cowherd and started digging. He then came across the lord in his threefold bent form. Overcome with happiness, he decided to build a temple in Lord Krishna’s honour, but unable to do so himself, requested Raja Man Singh to bring his vision to life. Today, a cave where Sri Rupa Goswami used to meditate is located near the spot where Lord Krishna's idol is supposed to have been found.

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