Kanvashram is a quaint ashram, located on the banks of River Malini. It is surrounded by thick forests and picturesque hillocks. Kanvashram finds a special mention in the pages of Indian history and has been written about in Puranas, Vedas, epics like Mahabharata and in the books of great poet, Kalidasa. It also has facilities of accommodation for visitors if they wish to stay.


Kanvashram is believed to be the place where sages like Vishwamitra and Kanva meditated for long periods of time. As the legend goes, Vishwamitra had been meditating here when feeling insecure by it, Lord Indra sent a charming heavenly damsel, Maneka, to distract him. The two later gave birth to Shakuntala, who is recognised as the mother of Bharat, after whom the country has been named. A small temple dedicated to Bharat has also been made here.

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