Spanning an area of 300 sq km, the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is home to a high population of tigers, owing to which it's easy to sight the royal Bengal tiger. Other wildlife that can be spotted here includes goral, sambar, barking deer, porcupine and hog deer. If you are lucky, you can spot a herd of elephants walking past. In addition, there are more than 50 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles like the king cobra, crocodiles, rock pythons and monitor lizards, along with hundred types of plants and insects. The place also shelters many trees like sheesham, sal, haladu, bakli, semal, sal, bamboo, fig and sain as well as several medicinal plants. One can undertake a jungle safari to explore these riches of the forest.


When Jim Corbett National Park was set up in 1974, its northern part was named as Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. It is one of the most significant tiger reserves in the country. The reserve lies about 13 km away from Lansdowne.

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