Thanks to the abundance of coconut trees in the state, the talented craftsmen of Kerala have been experimenting with their creativity since ages and creating beautiful products from the shells of coconuts. The fact that these shells are biodegradable, makes the attractive products eco-friendly as well. The people of Kerala have been extensively involved in creating eye-catching articles from coconut shells. The process is an intricate one and first, the hard coconut shell is smoothened, cut and carved using edge tools specially designed for the purpose. From daily use items like bowls, teapots, cups, spoons and ash-trays to decorative items like lamp shades, vases, wall hangings and floor mats, handicraft stores in Kumarakom house a wide range of coconut shell handicraft articles. Some products made from coconut shells like hookahs and large vases are also encased in brass to enhance their beauty and increase their strength. Tourists visiting Kumarakom can also buy conch and seashell items, coir products or models of snake boats. Statues made from granite and metal jewellery are equally popular among visitors.

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