Land of the Lotha Nagas, the town of Wokha is a spectacular blend of rolling mountains, rivers, lakes and pristine forests. Perched on the Wokha mountain, the highest peak in the range, the town is surrounded by popular natural landmarks like Mount Tiyi, Doyang river and Totsu cliff. Located around 70 km from Kohima, Wokha offers great trekking experiences and no matter which hill you climb or which forested path you take, vibrant landscapes carpeted with colourful flowers will accompany you!

The history of this town dates back to 1876 when the British came here and made it the headquarters of the Naga Hills District under Assam. You can also experience a mix of cultures in Wokha, including local dance and music. The main festivals celebrated are Tokhu, Pikhuchak and Emong. It’s also famous for shawls, which are handmade using techniques that have been passed through generations.

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