Just behind the Japfu Peak is the serene and scenic Dzuko Valley or the valley of flowers. Offering one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country, the valley is more popular with trekkers for its interesting and challenging trekking circuits. It prides itself for being one of the most-visited tourist sites in not only Nagaland but the entire Northeast India. Perched at a height of 2,450 m, it attracts adventure and nature lovers for its scenic beauty and rich flora. The valley is best visited in the full bloom season when beautiful lilies, aconitums, euphorbias and other species of flowery plants carpet the landscape, making it look like an artist's canvas. To reach this exotic valley, travellers need to take a 4 km steep climb, which holds great appeal for thrill seekers. From Dzukou, travellers can also take a 17 km trek to Viswema Village or a 15 km trek to Zakhama. The valley is located at a distance of 30 km from Kohima and the way is lined with handicraft stores from where tourists can collect local souvenirs as reminders of their trip to Nagaland.

Other Attractions in Kohima