One of the most unique and endearing travel experiences you could have in the city is a visit to the tiny Tuophema Village, nestled 40 km away from Kohima. The beautiful village introduces travellers to the rich culture and tradition of Nagaland while they get acquainted with the unconventional ways of living followed by the locals. The pathways of this quaint village are dotted with a variety of wild flowers and cherry blossoms. Tourists can enjoy a comfortable stay in attractive huts and experience the incredible hospitality of the villagers. From relaxing over a cup of tea amidst breathtaking views to trying local cuisines or just interacting with the warm-hearted locals, Tuophema provides a one-of-its-kind experience to tourists. Don't miss the surreal sunsets from the hill top while you are out for a stroll in the woods. One can also head to the village museum to know about the history of the region and admire some beautifully made craft items.

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