Chinese fishing nets are unique to Kochi, and outside of China, are only found here. Called Cheenavala in Malayalam, they were perhaps introduced by Chinese explorer Zheng He. Many fishermen earn their livelihood by fishing using these nets, and a whole stretch of the coast along Fort Kochi and Vypeen is dotted with them. Watching the fishermen in action with these nets has become a major tourist attraction. Like huge hammocks, these cantilevered fishing nets are dropped in the sea and are left for a certain period of time. To sink the net in the water the fisherman only has to walk on it. His weight is enough to sink the net. Later, when they are full of fish, the fishermen draw them in. Once the fish is caught you can select what you like and also get one of the shacks to cook it for you. These fishing nets were established on the shores of Kochi between 1350 and 1450 AD.

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