Music has an important role in the lives of the people of Kanyakumari. The craft of making musical instruments is also quite popular and is generally practised in the Thanjavur region. Another interesting feature is that Tamils do not classify their instruments according to their types but by the occasions on which they are played. The instrument that is popularly played during weddings is Naadeeswaram, and Kumbu finds much use during religious festivals. One of the most commonly used musical instruments is Silappadikaaram, which is also among the oldest instruments. A particularly fascinating instrument is the Yaazah that comes in the shape of fish, crocodile and boat. Shaped like a lute or a harp, which were quite popular in ancient times, Yaazah resembles the veena (a stringed instrument). It is made of Jack wood. Other famous instruments are Thamburas, which have wooden bases, and Kuzhal that looks a lot like Lord Krishna's musical instrument.

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