Built on River Kalwa at the foot of the hill from where it originates, Willingdon Dam is a beautiful picnic spot where tourists come to relax and rejuvenate. The dam is strategically built amidst hills on three sides with a valley in between. While it helps the water get collected during rainfall, it also makes for a great vantage point to sight spectacular views. One needs to climb a series of steps to reach the dam premises. Named after the then governor of India, Lord Willingdon, the dam is about 847 m high.

The Willingdon Dam was built with an aim to be a reservoir for drinking water for the populace of Junagadh. The water level usually remains low. During heavy rains, the water level rises and water overflows. One can also visit the shrine of Jamiyal shah Datar, which is a popular place of worship.

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