Built by Chandragupta Maurya around 320 BC, Uparkot or the upper citadel has is the oldest part of the city of Junagadh.  Its walls are up to 20 m high in some places, owing to which the fort is believed to have once withstood a 12-year siege. Inside the premises stands Jama Masjid, which has a rare roof courtyard and carved octagonal openings. In the vicinity of the mosque is a set of Buddhist caves that are monastic quarters, which were carved out of rocks 2,000 years ago. The fort also has a 300-ft-deep moat, which once housed crocodiles so that if an attacker managed to surmount the high walls, they would fall into the trench or be exposed to the battlements. The main hall of the fort is dotted with pillars that have weathered carvings. Inside the premises, there are two rock-cut step wells called Adi Kadi vav and Navghan kuvo, which are believed to be about 1,000 years old. Archaeological evidence suggests that the fort has been inhabited continuously since the 3rd century BC. Inside, one can see relics from different eras. 

Other Attractions in Junagadh