Located 109 km away from the main city, Nimaj is home to the temple of Nimaj, as well as Nimaj Palace. Nimaj Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and was built in the 9th century. It has a unique art gallery that showcases some of the masterpieces of the sculptural art of Rajasthan.

Nimaj Palace, now a heritage hotel, has 40 elegant and well-equipped rooms, and excellent dining facilities. You can book jungle safaris, tribal safaris and folk performance tickets at the hotel. The palace offers an opportunity for you to step into the lives of the royals of Rajasthan, and experience their lavish lifestyle. The palace was originally built as a residential palace of the royal family of Nimaj. The Rathore community of the Rajputs, credited with founding Jodhpur, own the palace. The Thakurs of Nimaj were one of the eight Sirayats (the highest honour given to lords for their bravery) of the Marwar region.

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