A treat for nature-lovers, Tata Steel Zoological Park is situated besides the famous Jubilee Park. The most popular activity for tourists in the park is taking a safari ride through the Safari Park, where they can drive through the wooded area and spot animals in their natural habitat. The park is home to a wide variety of species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Common sightings include jungle cats, jackal, Bengal mongoose, fruit bats, common rat and three-striped squirrel. The zoological park is also home to around 36 different species of birds, including red vented bulbul, purple sunbird, little cormorant, common coot, kingfisher and magpie robin. Visitors can also come across a number of reptiles like python, king cobra, krait and garden lizards. Tourists can visit the Nature Education Centre to get information about the animals residing in the zoological park or enjoy a boat ride in the beautiful Jubilee Lake. Winter months are the best time to visit the park as a large number of migratory birds arrive here.

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