Located on the outskirts of Jamshedpur, the small township of Jadugora is famous for being home to the Rankini Temple. Dedicated to Goddess Rankini, an incarnation of Goddess Kali, the temple draws a large number of devotees from nearby areas. This ancient temple is a prominent site on the tourist circuit and is located amidst scenic surroundings. Though it has a simple architecture, the bas-reliefs at the entrance, featuring Goddess Durga slaying demon Mahishasura, are notable. A panel lying above it shows the various avatars of Lord Shiva, while the doors are adorned with the ten forms of Lord Vishnu. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses no idol but a black stone that is worshipped as the goddess.

Legend has it that a local once spotted a tribal girl transforming to kill a demon. The girl disappeared when the local tried to follow her. The same night, Goddess Rankini appeared in his dreams and asked him to construct a temple for her.

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