Sudh Mahadev Temple

Being one of the oldest temples ( ~2800 years old ) in the state, dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Sudh Mahadev Temple is a popular spiritual site. The temple is located about 120 km from Jammu and houses the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. The temple sees a huge footfall during the Asad Purnima Festival, which is held annually in the month of June for three days. Mesmerising dance and music performances are organised during the celebrations along with a small fair. Legend has it that the temple has been named after a demon called Sudheet, who once came to visit Goddess Parvati. On seeing him, the goddess screamed and on an impulse Lord Shiva killed him with his trident. On realising his mistake, Lord Shiva resurrected him and thus the temple bears his name. Devotees can also visit the popular spring called Paap Nashni Bowli, which is believed to absolve people of their sins.

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