Around 155 km away from Jaisalmer, lies the quaint and serene desert town of Barmer. It is flanked by Jaisalmer in the north, Jodhpur on the east and shares a border with Pakistan in the west. It is a part of the four largest districts that make up the Thar desert and is best known for its hand block printing industry, wood carving, pottery, colourfully embroidered traditional Rajasthani costumes and ajrak prints. About 35 km away from Barmer, lie a group of five architecturally significant temples of the erstwhile Kiradu town. The Someshwara Temple, with a multi-tiered spire, is the most impressive. Barmer is also home to the Luni river, which travels about 500 km and finally merges with the marshy land of Rann of Kutch.

The Mallinath Cattle Festival, held annually in the Tilwara village as a tribute to Rawal Mallinath, the founder of the Mallani Pargana, a Rajput settlement, is a major draw. Another popular attraction is the Barmer Fort, also called Barmer Garh, which was built in 1552 AD on a hillock in present day Barmer. Two important temples namely, the Jogmaya Devi (Garh Mandir) at a height of 1,383 ft and the Nagnechi Mata Temple situated at a height of 500 ft were constructed to seek the blessings of the gods for the fort's protection. Several festivals, especially during the Navratri (a holy nine-day festival) season, are hosted here.

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