Itanagar is one of the best places to shop for utility products made from bamboo and cane as well as local artefacts like traditional costumes made from herbal dye yarns and natural vegetables. Some of the best buys include ornaments that are mostly designed by the native tribes, they are made using various natural sources and products. Some of the materials used to make this jewellery that can be worn by both genders are bamboo feathers, wild seeds, glass beads, beetle wings etc. Though many metals are used, silver and brass remain the most popular choice. The interesting feature of the jewellery here is its diversity. Though all the tribes use similar materials yet their ornaments vary in design and patterns and skill that are unique to each and every tribe. If you are visiting here don't forget to but the bamboo bangles and ear ornaments decorated with pocker work designs that are made by the Akas tribe. Tourists can also shop for bamboo and cane products like baskets, bags, containers etc. One can also find a variety of rice plates, bows and arrows, headgear, mats, shoulder bags, and ornaments and necklaces made of fine strips of bamboo and grass. Wood carvings are a speciality of the state and are created by tribal communities. While Wancho woodcarvers have a good sense of proportion, their Monpa counterparts make beautiful cups, dishes, fruit bowls along with magnificent masks that are used for ceremonial dances and pantomimes. The Monpa, Sherdukpen, Khampa tribes make masks of various styles. Some of them look like real faces while others represent birds, animals and apes with twisted mouths. The masks are carved out of a single block of wood that is hollowed from the inside. Holes are made for eyes and mouths and then the masks are painted.

Other Attractions in Itanagar