Manipur produces a variety of special fabrics including moiraingphee, leirum, lasingphee and phanek. The cotton and silk sarees of Manipur, including the famed Moirangphee, are admired for their pretty floral patterns. The warm Lanshingphee blankets and shawls are available in a variety of weaves with a variety of colours and patterns. Besides, you can shop for scarves and bed covers. The tribal textiles of the state are typically woven on a loin-loom. A warp of manageable length and breadth is prepared and fastened at one end generally to the wall of a house or to two fixed poles, while the other is tied to the waist of the weaver with a cotton or leather belt. Sometimes the belt is woven out of cane or bamboo. The Ninthou phee and akoibi handlooms are based on snake motifs and these designs are mostly found on phaneks, which are widely worn by the women of the state.

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