Located in Nongmaijing Hills, Sanamahi Kiong Temple is dedicated to Lainingthou Sanamahi, the ancient deity of the Meitei tribe of Imphal. The temple is located in Imphal's first Manipur Rifle Ground and dates back to 1891. Made with brick, it stands on an octagonal base and has a flight of steps on its southern side. The temple's facade is adorned with a rectangular door while the roof has been built in the pyramidal Gothic style of architecture. A special prayer service or arti is held at the temple every morning and evening while Sagalchham, a weekly prayer service is performed every Tuesday. The best time to visit the temple is when the annual festival of Manipur Cheiraoba is celebrated with great cultural pomp. The temple also celebrates another annual festival, known as Honjnungha, during the month of September.

Meitei devotees from other states of North East India as well as those from other communities such as Kabui and Zeliangrong in Manipur, Myanmar, Assam, Tripura and Bangladesh visit this temple regularly.

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