Khongjom Parva is a traditional musical art of Manipur that involves ballad singing accompanied with the sounds of a dholak or drum. The art form depicts stories of the heroic battle of Khonjom, fought by the people of Manipur against the British empire in April 1891. Khongjom Parva is one of the most popular musical art forms of the state and incites the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the audience. It was Dhobi Leinou who thumped his hands on his knees, and at times on an empty tin nearby, who started singing it. The narrators of Khongjom Parva focus on the brave Manipuri soldiers who gave up their lives for their country. Now, even great epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata are sung in this manner, along with the traditional Manipuri stories of Khamba and Thoibi as well as those about the exploits of Manipurs great rulers.

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