Known for its stunning natural beauty, Senapati district near Imphal has several streams and rivers flowing through charming blue hills, lush valleys and deep gorges. The most popular attraction is Maram Khullen, one of the oldest settlements in Manipur. The picturesque hill town of Maram Khullen is also home to more than 1,000 houses, which have been raised in traditional Akajalika style of architecture. Tourists can also head to Yangkhullen, about 80 km from Senapati. It serves as a home to the primitive Zeme tribe of Manipur. Exploring the rocky landscape of Yangkhullen makes for a thrilling experience for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts and allows them to take a closer look at the rich culture of the tribes of Manipur. The most popular structure in Yangkhullen will remind you of the Stonehenge found in the United Kingdom. Tourists can also visit Mao, which is also known as the 'Gateway to Manipur' and is famous for its bustling markets. Other sites near Senapati that are worth visiting are Purul, a scenic little village and Liyai Khullen village, which is famous for its stone monoliths.

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