Also called the Maa Saheba Ke Dargah or Saidani Maa Ki Dargah, this tomb was built by nawab Abdul Haq Diler Jung in the memory of his mother in 1883 AD. It is a beautiful mausoleum that has a lovely latticework. The grave reflects a combination of Qutub Shahi and Mughal styles of building.The structure has an onion-shaped dome and both the interior and exterior of the mosque are decorated with stucco works and fine arches. Small minarets, made of lime and mortar, line the upper pavilion and feature marble inlay work on them. 

It is said that Maa Saheba was a stringent follower of culture and tradition. She followed the custom of 'Purdah' so dedicatedly since the age of 10 that it became a part of her life. She wanted to be buried so deep in the ground that only women would be allowed to pay homage to her, and thus the mausoleum has an underground chamber where only women are allowed to enter. The monument is currently under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) who are overseeing the restoration and preservation of the structure.

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