The 190-year-old Ujjaini Mahakali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahakali and is located in Secunderabad. The idol of the goddess is seen in the padmasana posture with four hands carrying a sword, a spear, a damaru (two-headed drum), a vessel of amrut. The idol is covered and fixed with a silver shield (vendi kavacham).According to a legend, there was a cholera outbreak in 1813 and Suriti Appaiah, a member of a military battalion, prayed to Mahakali Devasthanam at Ujjaini, promising to install an idol of the goddess in Secunderabad if people were saved. This led to the construction of the temple during which an idol of Goddess Manikyalamma was found. It is now kept in the sanctum sanctorum. The stone idol of Goddess Mahakali was installed here in 1964.

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