Pochampalli is best known for its world-famous ikat designs and dress materials. Popularly called as the ikat or tie and dye weave, the uniqueness of Pochampalli fabric lies in the transfer of design and colouring onto warp, for weaving them deftly together. It is also famous for its silk sarees. Pochampalli lies about 41 km from Hyderabad.The town itself is quite scenic as is situated amidst palm trees, ponds, hills and lakes. It finds significance in history as it was the site of a significant incident in post-independent India. It was here that the Bhoodan movement or the movement of donating land sparked off. As per historical sources, Vinoba Bhave, an advocate of non-violence and human rights, visited the town in 1951, where he was given a warm welcome. The people asked him for 80 acre of land and one of the landlords of Pochampally, Vedire Ramachandra Reddy, offered 250 acre of land to people. Ever since this incidence, the town has been referred to as Bhoodan Pochampalli.

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