Located a short distance from the famous Charminar, the well-known Paigah Tombs are a popular tourist site in Hyderabad. The tomb complex, spread over an area of 30-40 acre, consists of 27 stunning marble tombs with intricately carved walls and pillars, delicately patterned filigree screens and stunning turrets. The tombs have been skilfully carved and their inlaid mosaic tile work is also fascinating. The famous 'jali' work done on them adds to the charm of the structure. At the western end, stands a regal mosque. Enjoy an ethereal atmosphere at dawn and dusk as sunlight filters in through lattice-worked walls, creating myriad patterns on the marble floor. The origin of Paigah Tombs can be dated to the late 18th century and they are considered a fine example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.Paigahs were essentially the highest-ranking nobles in the princely state of Hyderabad who married the daughters of the Nizams. They were the only ones who were allowed to have a private army by the Sultans.

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