Lotus Mahal is one of the most famous architectural landmarks in Hampi. Its lotus-like structure immediately endears it to visitors and is a must-visit place. This building lies within the Zenana Enclosure, which was a segregated area used by royal women of the Vijayanagara dynasty. Also known as Kamal Mahal or Chitragani Mahal, the exquisite structure of the building boasts a central dome that is carved like a lotus bud. The passages and the balcony are also covered with a dome resembling an open lotus bud. The curves of the palace reflect an Islamic style of architecture while the multi-layered roof design is reminiscent of Indo-style of buildings. The palace is a two-storeyed structure and has been symmetrically designed. Surrounded by a rectangular wall, it has four towers in a pyramidal shape that look like a lotus as well. The walls and pillars both have beautiful carvings of birds and sea creatures on them.

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