The beautiful Krishna Temple draws visitors not only for spiritual reasons but also for its architectural sights. Said to have been built by king Krishnadevaraya in 1513 AD to celebrate his conquest of the eastern kingdom of Udayagiri or Utkala (in present day Odisha), the temple's main deity was a statue of Lord Balakrishna (Lord Krishna as infant). This idol is now housed in Chennai's Government Museum. A slab installed inside the courtyard of the temple tells the tale of the temple and of the victory. The temple's carvings standout from that of other structures in Hampi. With mythical lions on pillars and carvings of elephant balustrades flanking the entrances, the temple is a living work of art. A small pavilion with a rectangular stone container in front of the temple is said to have been used by devotees to offer grains to the gods.

Other Attractions in Hampi