Around 500 years ago, Domingos Paesa, a Portuguese traveller, who had once visited Hampi, had written about unique round basket-boats that the locals used to cross the Tungabhadra river. "People cross to this place by boats which are round like baskets. Inside they are made of cane, and outside are covered with leather; they are able to carry fifteen or twenty persons, and even horses and oxen can cross in them if necessary... " Nothing much seems to have changed, as these boats or coracles can be spotted even today bobbing up and down the river, moving in circles, yet almost impossibly, reaching the other bank. A unique experience, a coracle ride across the Tungabhadra river is a must. A coracle is a traditional boat that has been used in this region for centuries to ferry people across the river. The modern version uses plastic sheets and bitumen sheets to make them water-proof and sturdier. On an average, around eight people can fit into a coracle, and sometimes cycles and bikes can come on board as well. At Hampi, there are three places for coracle crossings. The first one is at the ghat (stepped river bank) near the Virupaksha Temple. The second is in front of the Kodandarama Temple and the third and the most popular one is near the Vittala Temple.

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