One can experience the exhilaration of flying like a bird in the Himalayas, over the lush landscape of Gangtok, while paragliding. The operators offer tandem flights, which means that a trained and certified operator will accompany you. 

In Gangtok, there are majorly two forms of flights offered – the “Medium Fly” and the “High Fly”. The former commences from Baliman Dara near Gangtok, and takes you to an altitude of 1,300 – 1,400 m, allowing you to enjoy fresh mountain air and the white peaks of the Himalayas, before setting you down at Reshithang Sports Village. The latter starts from Bulbuley Dara, higher up from Reshithang village in Ranka, near Gangtok. This flight takes you to a height of 2,200 m, with astounding vistas enhancing your experience. 

Baliman Dara and Bulbuley Dara are the only two official take-off points in all of East Sikkim, both accessible from Gangtok.